Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Drew Haninger’s Epic Websites – AnimatedFaith.com and CreateBuz.com

Drew Haninger’s epic websites – AnimatedFaith.com and CreateBuz.com are mini encyclopedias on everything that is spiritual, philosophical and motivational. If you are feeling down and out or lost, this is where you can turn to uplift your spirits in more ways than one.

What each of these websites has to offer is something different but motivational and inspiring in their own ways. What Animated Faith has to offer you are daily devotional ideas and tips, prayers, teachings on how to pray, bible prayers, Elijah prayers, books and motivational and spiritual videos. It is all part of an endeavor to get you involved with God, His son Jesus Christ and get you in tune with the Creator.

On the other hand CreateBuz.com is basically a different side of the same coin when it is compared with the Animatedfaith.com. CreateBuz.com, inspirational as it is focused on driving us to our potential and uniting us with our goals. CreateBuz wants to teach us to stay inspired and true to our dreams. A creative person’s journey is strife with struggle and self-doubt. It is during times of doubt that we need to rely on faith the most. CreateBuz through its blogs and information wants to help the dream in us stay alive even and especially during tough times.  The guiding stars behind CreateBuz.com are creativity, innovation, leadership and marketing. These are all the key ingredients for successful entrepreneurship and  CreateBuz is trying to educate us on these principles.

By mastering these cornerstones of the trade we can actually master success.

Drew Haninger the man behind these websites was always interested in the concepts of technology, faith and entrepreneurship. So passionate was he about these topics that his interest in them only grew with time. The more he learnt the more he wanted to share his knowledge with the world.  Sharing, growing and motivating was what drove him to his success. It is inspiring just to know that millions of people from all over the world and from all walks of life derive faith and courage from his writings and studies. What can be a greater gift than the ability to uplift peoples’ souls ?  The problem the world faces is that society forces us to become what we are not to fit into pre defines roles. Drew Haninger challenges this system by giving people the courage to follow their hearts and be closer to God. This is his vision.

So Check out AnimatedFaith.com and CreateBuz.com

Thursday, October 30, 2014

CreateBuz - Creativity and Innovation

CreateBuz.com is a new website on Creativity and Innovation.  Creative entrepreneurs have their finger on the pulse of innovative technology.